The Hanseatic Parliament is an association of representatives of business organizations and other institutions of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in Northeastern Europe. Its' aim is to improve the situation of SME's in the Baltic Sea area.

The goal of the Hanseatic Parliament of small- and medium-sized businesses is to help make Northeastern Europe an economic area of this kind and to orient this economic area especially to the concrete requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses and thus promote these businesses and the entire economic area as well as possible. To this end, the participating institutions desire to:

  • maintain intense exchanges of experience and information
  • promote mutual know-how transfer
  • develop cooperation between businesses and the various forms of collaboration among the organizations
  • assist economic recovery in the participating regions of Central and Eastern Europe, especially through consulting, new business starts and vocational training and continuing education
  • create a forum for the conception of development projects and for paving the way for cooperative ventu­res involving several partners or realizing such projects
  • conduct joint events (e. g. congresses, seminars, working conferences) and support trade fairs, exhibiti­ons and support other means of promoting exchange and sales
  • reinforce the important intellectual and cultural contribution of the small- and medium-sized businesses, disseminate knowledge about the specific conditions in the participating nations, support mutual learning and, in this connection, also promote exchanging of interns and trainees
  • orient all goals and measures to the specific needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and gradually develop a need-orientated grassroots network for cooperation and exchange.
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