Here you can download the following Newsletters:

1) General newsletter for the QUICK-Project and for the work of the Hanseatic Parliament and the Baltic Sea Academy                        

Newsletter 05/2011

Newsletter 03/2011

Newsletter 11/2010

Newsletter 07/2010

Newsletter 12/2009

Newsletter 04/2009

Newsletter 12/2007

Newsletter 08/2007

Newsletter 05/2007

Newsletter 02/2007

2) Innovation Newsletter for small and medium sized enterprises

Innovation Newsletter 01/2012

Innovation Newsletter 10/2011

Innovation Newsletter 09/2011

Innovation Newsletter 08/2011

Innovation Newsletter 07/2011

Innovation Newsletter 05/2011

Innovation Newsletter 04/2011


3) Baltic Supply Newsletter

Baltic Supply Newsletter 11/2011


3) EBSN Newsletter

EBSN Newsletter 05/2011

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